Our Story

As a family who enjoys anime together, the idea of starting Otaku Haven LLC was conceptualized and founded in March 2021.

The goal of our company is to provide a greater collection of affordable, quality licensed anime merchandise to enthusiasts in one location. Our team has partnered with reputable distributors
from various parts of the nation to ensure this plan comes to fruition.

Being fellow anime enthusiasts, we believe it is extremely important to have access to the products of some of our favorite characters and admire the works of not only the
animators, but fan artists as well.

Our Story cont.

As a veteran and a double minority, we aim to
provide service and a haven of fellowship, with like-minded anime enthusiasts free from discrimination.

We understand that we would not be able to enjoy this
genre if it were not for the creators and animators who have sacrificed so much of their time and effort and yet rarely receive the level of compensation they so richly deserve. Ultimately, we want to show support, with the assistance of our
customers, to the animators who are the reason this industry is well received on a global level. A portion of proceeds will go towards bringing awareness to the conditions artists have to work in order to meet the demands of manga/anime

Finally, as a thank you, it is our goal to assist in compensation for their talent and efforts that brings fans from all over the world such joy.